From Sheep to Shop

“Locally produced, from fiber to finished product”

The firm has access to raw materials of the highest quality (which are mainly exported).
The finest of wool fibers are selected and separated by tonal color to create the palette that characterizes Don Baez products.

The fibers are then woven or knitted in local factories and by local craftsmen and women.

Don Baez offers a variety of products specializing in woven and wool fabrics. By means of specialized woven and finishing techniques the firm is able to produce a range of textiles of different weights, and textures – from thick felt overcoats to lightly woven shawls.

By constantly seeking to improve its local workshops and by perfecting production control, the firm is able to raise the quality of its products to make them long lasting and timeless.

15 years of manufacture and sales in Uruguay have transformed Don Baez into an established local brand. Its promise of high quality products has led to a large customer base both locally and abroad.

1. Animal Welfare

The color range of our wool is completely natural.

Bienestar Animal

3. Scouring

High standard scouring is used to eliminate impurities.


5. Weaving

Our fabric is woven using our own exclusive designs.


7. Production

Tailoring, manufacture and quality control.  100% made in Uruguay.


2. Shearing

Wool is a sustainable fibre which is classified by its natural colours: white, beige and brown.


4. Spinning

Wool yarn is spun into various different types: fine, medium and coarse.


6. Design

Our designs are created according to trends and customer preferences.


8. Marketing

Our product is available all over Uruguay.

“Uruguayan fine wool – no finer feeling”

Wool is an amazing natural product. Wool fibres are soft, delicate and flexible and adapt perfectly to the body. They trap air that acts as a natural form of thermal insulation which helps regulate body temperature, protects wearers from feeling cold air and keeps them warm.

Other benefits of wool are:

  • Wool is efficient; it repels dirt and does not require constant washing.
  • Wool is intelligent; it reacts to changes in body temperature and keeps the wearer comfortable throughout the year.
  • Wool has health benefits; it is naturally anti-allergenic and does not irritate the skin.
  • Wool is a safe product; it is fire and sound proof.
  • Wool is biodegradable; it is an ideal product to use in compost and earth conditioning.