We are Eco Chic

Somos Eco Chic

“100% undyed fine wool”

Don Baez advocates the Eco Chic concept; the firm uses the natural colours of wool —browns, greys, taupe, off-white and white—without resorting to dyeing techniques. The fibres are combined into exquisite patterns that bring out the natural beauty of wool and do not require dyeing. This produces a sustainable, renewable, recyclable product which is environmentally friendly.

Don Baez products include versatile garments and accessories that are easy to wear daily, and have the added benefit of being hand crafted from designs that give them an impeccable finish and a fine aesthetic quality.

Another range of products that has been produced since the start is the homeware line, specialising in a large variety of throws, cushions and blankets. Wool has been proven to promote deep sleep because of its ability to help regulate body temperature.

The Eco Chic concept promoted by Don Baez is on trend. The brand focuses on sustainable natural materials that are long lasting and not just passing fades. Don Baez products are crafted by people who have a real and genuine passion for woollen goods, and see their clients as people—not just consumers. Buyers of Don Baez products enjoy all the wonderful qualities of wool. The goods are made to be timeless and passed on.

Somos Eco Chic

“Made by Montelan since 1959”

Montelan, a firm specifically dedicated to marketing scoured wool, was founded in 1959 by Federico Weiss. When in 1990 the international price of wool was no longer favourable, his daughters Claudia and Diana decided to diversify and manufacture products with the wool.

“The crisis unleashed our creativity,” says Claudia Weiss, the firm’s current managing director.

The “Don Baez” brand was created in 1998 and its name was taken from the way in which the locals pronounced Don Weiss, the founder’s name.

In 2012, when a catastrophic fire sent its main warehouse up in flames, Montelan suffered total losses in every area: information, design, data bases, equipment and raw material.

Despite this disaster and thanks to the support and encouragement of many people, the Weiss sisters felt encouraged enough to persevere with the project and in 2014 opened a shop, next to its current location in Montevideo. The shop is now the commercial, administrative and production centre where quality, honesty, service, responsibility and teamwork are at the forefront of this burgeoning firm.